Why publish in the Journal of Numerical Cognition?

There are many reasons to publish in JNC, based around its free, open-access format, rigorous but constructive review process, and targeted scope in numerical cognition. But for many junior researchers, an important consideration is: will a publication in a Journal help me secure a job or hire? Will the journal be recognised by those making selection choices, who may not have read the paper?


At JNC, we understand that the choice of publication outlet is important for early career researchers who wish to describe their new work in a reputable and effective journal, one that augments the reputation they are trying to build for good science and the specific conclusions in the paper they have written.


Therefore, to reassure potential authors, the editorial team at JNC have agreed that, at least for the next 3 years whilst the current editorial team is in place, if a junior researcher publishes work in the Journal, they can ask the action editor / Journal editor for a letter of recommendation as part of a job application process (for a post-doc position or a first faculty / staff appointment). That letter will comment on the value and significance of the article that is published (as well as note any review assignments successfully undertaken as part of academic service) and any impact that known to have accrued at the time of writing. In essence, JNC will provide a summary of the reasons for accepting the paper and its highlights, and we hope this will help support the research community investing in good work within numerical cognition.


You are welcome to discuss this initiative with the Journal editor if you have further queries or wish to ask for an article recommendation as part of a job application.